Employment Opportunities at Clarity Hospice

Clarity Hospice is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Staff shall be hired and trained in a manner which supports the provision of services that are culturally competent, sensitive, and non-discriminatory. Additionally, hospice shall respect staff member’s cultural values, ethics, and religious beliefs.

Clarity Hospice has  dedicated professionals for the following careers:

Medical Director: Oversees the medical plan of care and the hospice team.

Hospice Nurse: Provides palliative care focused on relieving pain and maintaining comfort. Regularly assesses patients’ conditions. Works with the patients’ physicians to determine most effective medications and treatments for pain and symptom management. Educates friends and family caregivers on basic medical information and ways to enhance support of the patients. Receives ongoing intensive education in pain/symptom management.

Home Health Aide: Provides compassionate personal care and light housekeeping chores.

Hospice Social Worker: Assists with referrals to various community resources and offers counseling about the impact of the illness on the patients and their families.

Hospice Spiritual Care Coordinator: Provides non-denominational spiritual support to patients and their families. Assists in the coordination of visits from local clergy if desired.

Therapist and Counselor: Provides consultation and education for speech, occupational, and physical therapies and nutritional counseling.

Bereavement Counselor: Maintains contact with patients’ families and offers a variety of supportive activities.

Physicians Liaison: Calls on physicians and other healthcare entities on behalf of Clarity Hospice to educate their staff on hospice care and the benefits of the services Clarity Hospice provides.

Administrative Support: Provides administrative support for Clarity Hospice operations. Consistently maintains positive tone with clients who may be distraught over their situation.

Volunteers: Provide assistance within the agency in patient care areas as well as administrative areas.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please contact us.